Our Story

After spending over 20 years in the energy industry, we experienced countless situations where businesses (located in deregulated states) were paying too much on their utility bills.  We then researched further and discovered that 85% of small businesses are paying a higher rate than they should and 83% of people in the U.S. actually do not completely understand all the charges on their utility bills,  which is a major concern.  This is critical, especially for small businesses where the bottom line can be the difference between a profitable month or having to close it’s doors.  So, Horizon Energy Consulting was formed to become a WIN-WIN for all businesses and we continue to save money for our clients every month!

Why hire us?

Our “No Cost Quote & Consultation” allows our team to personally review your current energy costs and your particular situation, then we share with you how our services could SAVE YOU MONEY, giving you peace of mind in the decision making process.  It’s that simple!